Ted Turner Chided CNN For Cutbacks In Environmental, International Coverage

Did say network doing a "great job" on documentaries and political coverage
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CNN founder Ted Turner chided the network he built Thursday for what he saw as cutbacks in environmental reporting and international coverage.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer for The Situation Room, Turner complained that the cable network had phased out its 18-person environmental unit, and taken Richard Roth off of full-time UN bureau chief status--he is still senior UN correspondent. Turner pointed out that Roth is now being asked to cover other things as well, saying that the UN "isn't something you cover part time."

Turner also opined that CNN does not run as much international news on its domestic channel as it used to.

But Turner did say the network was doing a "great job" on documentaries and political coverage, though he added: "What are you going to do now that the races are over?"

Turner was on the network in part to plug a new book, Call Me Ted, and his chain of restaurants, which he said earlier this week were heading toward profitability when the economic crisis hit.


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