TechTV moves toward entertainment

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TechTV is abandoning live breaking news in favor of tech-related
entertainment programming and newsmagazines. As a result, about 50 staffers are
losing their jobs, mostly from programming and production.

Flagship daily newscast Tech Live, once a full nine-and-a-half hours,
will drop to a half-hour (it was recently cut back to three-and-a-half hours

TechTV is buying up entertainment programming with high-tech and futuristic

Recent pick ups include movies Coma, Demon Seed and
Forbidden Planet
and four series -- Max Headroom, Thunderbirds,
Techno Games and Future Fighting Machines. Last month TechTV added
two original information shows, The Tech of and Eye Drops, and an
older series, Big Thinkers, has been revamped into magazine-style.