Tech TV’s Slow Boat


The adults running video-game network G4 are getting accustomed to the lightning reflexes of their male-teen audience, but they’re having a tough time coping with the slower responses from the folks running the sale of Tech TV.

G4 and parent Comcast Corp. have been angling for months to buy the ailing channel from Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc., and they seem to have squeezed past rival suitor Sony Television. For weeks, G4 and TechTV execs have thought they were on the cusp of a $300 million deal, but Comcast and Vulcan can’t bring it home.

The rumor mill blames weak cable-operator deals at TechTV, but industry execs familiar with the deal dismiss that, saying the deal is snagged in a bureaucracy at Vulcan. "It’s not at Comcast’s end," said one exec.