Tech Shootings Dominate Talk Shows


The Virginia Tech shootings were topic A on the cable and radio talk shows last week.

According to the Pew talk Show index for April 15-20, the massacre took up 63% of the talkers' airtime, just beating the 61% of the previous week's airtime devoted to the Imus firing, which only registered as a blip (3%) last week.

Another shooting, at NASA,  got the second-largest percentage of talk time, though at only 5%, tied with Alec Baldwin's voice mail. Next was policy debates about Iraq (4%); the partial-birth abortion decision (4%); the fired attorneys (3%); Imus; "events in Iraq (2%), the presidential campaign (1%), and immigration (1%).

The Pew index is derived from its News Coverage Index  and is a content analysis of seven prime time cable shows and five talk hosts.