TCA: Sundance Channel Books 'Eco Trip'

Green programming will be central theme in net's Spring lineup
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Sundance Channel will bolster its "green" programming block with new series and documentaries debuting this spring, including a show tracking popular products such as a cotton T-shirt from raw components to its finished product.
That eight-part series, Eco Trip, hosted by Adventure Ecology founder David de Rothschild, will trace the environmental, social and health impacts related to the creation of items including salmon, cell phones and chocolate. The show launches April 21.
Another “eco warrior,” Josh Dorfman, will host The Lazy Environmentalist where he will seek out skeptics of the green movement to demonstrate simple ways to be more environmentally conscious—including brothers in a fraternity house.
Dorfman noted the fact that writers at the TCA session here were drinking tap water in glasses and complemented them for not quaffing from plastic bottles. His show begins June 16.
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