TCA: Chris Kattan’s 'Hero' Takes on Mumbai

New Bollywood-themed IFC mini-series will be shot on location

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It's hard to say what's more challenging about IFC's upcoming original mini-series: trying to generate interest in a Bollywood-themed story starring Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan as a leading man, or the fact the production will be shot in Mumbai, the site of deadly terrorist attacks in November.
The show has yet to be shot and the production will take place over 10 weeks in India. Producer Belisa Balaban said her first concern was for the safety of the production's collaborators in the nation, but added producers have done their research and believe it is safe to shoot on location in the country.
Kattan, speaking to TV critics here, said the program is something he'd like to watch on TV, adding that filming in Mumbai " going to be intense.”
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