TBS Sees Year To Year Growth In MLB Coverage

2008 ALCS coverage draws more viewers in the target demo than 2007 NLCS on the Turner owned cabler.
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TBS says its viewership is way up for its coverage of Major League Baseball’s American League Championship Series (ALCS) this year vs. its baseball coverage last year, it is something of an apples-to-oranges (make that DH-to-no-DH) comparison, since last year it had the National League Championship Series (NLCS).

Through five games, TBS is averaging 2.705 million viewers 18-49, up 48%.

TBS said its coverage of Boston's amazing comeback Thursday night vs. Tampa Bay (down seven to nothing in the seventh inning to an 8-7 victory in ninth), delivered a 4.7 household rating, its best number of the series and well above its 3.9 household rating average. The rating spiked at a 5.1 between 10:55, the middle of the seventh inning when Boston began its comeback, to the end of the game.


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