Tauzin staying put


Perennial rumors of Rep. Billy Tauzin's (R-La.) imminent departure for the private
sector resurfaced last week, forcing spokesman Ken Johnson to risk a finger
sprain as he phoned denials to clamoring reporters.

Tauzin this time was said to be replacing octogenarian Jack Valenti at the
Motion Picture Association of America.

Valenti has not indicated that he's stepping down.

The furor, lobbyists said, prompted House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) to ask that
Tauzin clarify his plans.

A previous rumor had the House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman taking
Tom Wheeler's old spot at the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet

What's next, Johnson asked" Hilary Rosen's soon-to-be vacant post atop the
Recording Industry Association of America?

Johnson's unofficial statement: "Yesterday, it was CTIA, today it's MPAA,
tomorrow maybe it will be RIAA. Frankly, we're F-E-D-U-P."