Tauzin, Dingell to pay visit to Hollings


Reps. Billy Tauzin (R-La.) and John Dingell (D-Mich.) will be the opening
panel during a Wednesday hearing before the Senate Commerce Committee.

The two veteran lawmakers -- chairman and ranking member of the House Energy
and Commerce Committee, respectively -- want to explain to Senate Commerce
Committee chairman Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.) the merits of their
broadband-deregulation bill, which passed the House in February.

Hollings is the Senate's most outspoken opponent of the so-called
Tauzin-Dingell bill, and Tauzin at first declined Hollings' invitation because,
as Tauzin spokesman Ken Johnson put it, 'Billy's been a hunter too long not to
know a bear trap when he sees one.'

But Johnson said Hollings called Tauzin and offered him a panel that Tauzin
considered fair -- that is, one consisting only of Tauzin and Dingell, and not
House opponent Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.).

Still, Tauzin will certainly have to fend off some strong questioning from
Hollings, who called Tauzin's bill 'blasphemy' the day it