Tarleton nixes Fox meet notion


Fox affiliate board chairman Cullie Tarleton weighed in on the idea of a separate spring affiliate meeting sans network presence, telling B&C Monday that while he's open to possibility, he doesn't' really see a need for one at the present time.

While there has been some discussion among some affiliates about such a meeting, Tarleton says he's not aware of a "wide spread feeling" among the affiliate body that one ought to be convened.

"What I've said to everyone who thought it might be a good idea is, as we sit here today I see no compelling reason to have a one-day sort of a fly-in meeting," Tarleton said. "But if over the course of the next several months it appears that affiliates have burning issues we need to discuss I will suggest to the board that indeed we have such a meeting." But, "until and unless that occurred I would not be inclined to recommend to the board that we do that."
- Steve McClellan