Talkers Took Aim At Immigration Bill


Talk radio and cable's vox populi was getting credit for derailing the Bush administration's immigration reform bill, though it is now back on track for consideration next week.

According to the Project for Excellence in Journalism's content analysis of those talk shows for the week ending June 8, immigration was the second most talked-about subject on cable and radio talk shows behind the 2008 presidential race, the latter driven by CNN's Democratic and Republican debates.

CNN's Lou Dobbs has been cable's strongest voice against the immigration bill, dealing with the subject of illegal immigration nightly for months.

According to one radio talker, Mississippi Republican and bill supporter Senator Trent Lott as much as gave the media credit (or blame, depending on how you looked at it) for pressuring legislators to oppose the bill.

Conservative talk radio has been hammering the Bush administration over the bill, saying that it is amnesty no matter what the President labels it, and arguing it fails to make border security the first order of businesses.

Coming third among top topics, as it was in cable's news hole, was the meltdown of jailed/unjailed/jailed again celebrity Paris Hilton.