Take This Job and ... Keep It


Ever wanted to just chuck your job and open a bed and breakfast or start your own restaurant? Be careful what you wish for.

Fine Living, a lifestlye network reaching 21 million subs via satellite and cable, has a reality check for you.

It's new Wednesday, 10 p.m., series, Your Reality Checked, will give people the chance to see how that idealized other half lives or, as a release skillfullly puts it: "Running a restaurant? Set your alarm for 4 a.m. when it's out of bed and off to the fish market and then on to the meat and fresh produce suppliers.

Eighteen hours later it's time to review the day's receipts, figure out why you ran out of capers before 7:30, plan the next day's specials and try to grab a few hours of sleep before starting it all over."

The new series will debut Sunday at 8 before moving to its regular time starting May 26.