Synergy at work


UPN Entertainment President Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff, in her first programming move since arriving earlier this month from Lifetime Television, has picked up programming from CBS, the Viacom netlet's big brother.

On Fridays, beginning March 15, UPN will show same-week episodes of The Amazing Race 2
will air on CBS Wednesday nights). Also, sources say, UPN is close to signing a deal that would bring canceled CBS series Wolf Lake
back to life; CBS canned it after five episodes, but there are still unaired episodes that could be "repurposed" on UPN. It would replace Special Unit 2, which tanked in its second season.

UPN will use its repurposed version of Amazing Race 2
to springboard its new original reality series, which will follow it on Friday. In Under One Roof, several families are plopped down on Fiji and have to fend for themselves.

Tarnofsky-Ostroff also picked up UPN's first pilot for next season, a new spin on The Twilight Zone.