Syndies show growth


Weekly syndicated hours flexed their muscle for the week ending April 14.
Nine of the top 10 gained ground, with five of the nine showing double-digit

The biggest gainer in the top 10 was ET Weekend, up 30 percent to a
4.3. It was also the No. 1 weekly hour for the 19th straight week.

Other double-digit gainers were third-place Buffy, the Vampire Slayer,
up 18 percent to a 2.6; eighth-place Mutant X, up 16 percent to a 2.2;
and World's Wildest Police Videos, up 10 percent to a 2.2; and 10th
place VIP, up 17 percent to a 2.1.

Elsewhere in syndication, most strips ticked down, thanks in part to the
arrival of Daylight Savings Time, which tends to depress viewing levels in early
fringe and access.

Only one of the 13 talk shows was able to gain any ground -- the recently canceled Sally Jessy Raphael, up 7 percent to a 1.6.

The No. 1 talk show was Oprah, down 13 percent to a 5.4.

In access, all of the game shows were either flat or down.