Syndie psychics show signs of life


The syndicated psychics arena, so far just populated by one series, Studios USA's fall 2001 entry Crossing Over with John Edward, could start getting crowded.

Sources say NBC's syndication division is developing a show around psychic Char Margolis, who has appeared on Larry King's and Regis Philbin's respective talk shows. Teaching people how to discover their own supernatural abilities, Margolis recently wrote the book Questions From Earth, Answers From Heaven. Weakest Link executive producer Stuart Krasnow is said to be spearheading the project. At this point, it's unclear when the show could roll out.

There are other psychics out there pitching themselves for future TV projects, including astrologer Ferdie Pacheco and fortune teller Miss Cleo. Crossing Over, which revolves around the unique concept of a practicing psychic who speaks to the dead, is already considered one of fall 2001's highest profile daytime series. - Susanne Ault