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King World's Heavy Metal Jacket

King World's Wheel of Fortune will air Armed Forces week next month, featuring members of the U.S. Coast Guard, Air Force and Marines. Last week, the game show shot three weeks' worth of shows in San Diego—Armed Forces Week, San Diego Week and College Week—all of which will air during May sweeps.

Wheel of Fortune
had planned the San Diego trip since October, well before U.S. troops were sent to Iraq. One fan treated himself to a VIP trip to the San Diego set, cashing in 45,000 points he had earned on the Wheel Watchers Web site plus $275 of his own money, which covered the entire trip, including airfare and hotel. Wheel

Watchers, a Web site that promotes Wheel by giving viewers points for solving puzzles presented each night on the show, is offering several other vacations to fans.

Ricki Lake Plans Teen-Pregnancy Special

Sony Pictures Television's Ricki Lake will talk to teenage parents on May 7, the second-annual National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. The show transformed its set into a hangout for teens, who talk to Lake about the consequences of having children when they are still children themselves.

Pyramid Ties In With Daytime Emmys

To celebrate the 30th Annual Daytime Emmys, Sony Pictures Television's Pyramid
is hosting Emmy-awarded and -nominated soap stars each day during the week of May 12. The Young and the Restless's Doug Davidson and Kristoff St. John, Days of Our Lives' Eric Winter and Kyle Lowder, and Soap Talk's Ty Treadway and Lisa Rinna will join Pyramid's Emmy-nominated host, Donny Osmond, leading into the Daytime Emmy Awards prime time broadcast on Friday, May 16.

See John Walsh in Auto Parts Store

No medium is too big or too small for John Walsh. Last week, NBC Enterprises' The John Walsh Show, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Washington, and Advance Auto Parts signed a deal that puts Walsh on the Advance Auto Parts Television Network, airing in 2,000 retail locations in 37 states. The partnership will create "missing-children" segments to be hosted by Walsh and will provide information about missing children.