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Buena Vista's Cerio Jumps to HBO

Buena Vista Television's Tom Cerio is becoming HBO's executive vice president of program distribution under Scott Carlin, who became president of program distribution at the premium channel three months ago. Cerio moves from Los Angeles to New York on March 1.

His hiring is the next step in HBO's effort to launch a syndication sales force that would offer cleaned-up versions of original HBO programming, movies and specials on basic cable and in TV syndication. Cerio has been at BVT since 1990, where he began as vice president of sales in the eastern division. Prior to that, he had worked in sales at Orion Pictures beginning in 1980.

Bringing Up Baby

The boys from NBC Enterprises'The Other Half
took a helicopter to the hospital to witness the Nov. 21 birth of the baby boy they "adopted" when his father was shipped off four months ago to fight the war on terrorism. The show's four hosts—Dick Clark, Danny Bonaduce, Mario Lopez and Dorian Gregory—had been helping the baby's mom by performing fatherly duties, such as attending ultrasounds and Lamaze classes. The four also all wore pagers so they would be at the hospital when the baby was born. The Other Half's birth episode aired Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Alien Legion, the TV Show

Mainframe Entertainment has won the rights to create a computer-animated television series based on the comic-book series Alien Legion, said Mainframe USA President Mark Fleischer. The show will be produced at Mainframe's studios in Vancouver, and the company's animators will work closely with Carl Potts, who created the comic series with Alan Zelenetz and Frank Cirocco.

Walsh Looks at Transgendered Victims

NBC Enterprises' The John Walsh Show
last week aired an exclusive interview with Sylvia Guerrero, whose son, Eddie Araujo, was murdered in October because he was living as a woman. The show also featured a panel that included Eddie's sister and uncle and the family attorney.

Two other women whose transgendered sons also were killed appeared on the show, along with a counselor to transgendered youth and one of her clients. John Walsh,
launched in syndication in September, scored a 1.3 in national Nielsen ratings in the week ended Nov. 10.