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Olympic Gold

Olympic athletes helped Sony Pictures Television's Pyramid
equal its highest ratings of the season last week. Appearances by gymnast Mary Lou Retton and figure skater Scott Hamilton last Monday and swimmers Janet Evans and Dana Torres on Tuesday drove the show to a 2.2 weighted average rating and a 5 share in metered markets each day, according to Sony. That matches the show's highest score ever.

What a Little Less Daylight Will Do

The end of daylight savings time drove up ratings for syndicated shows in access, according to national Nielsen ratings for the week ended Nov. 3. The top six off-net sitcoms hit season highs: leader Friends, from Warner Bros., up 7%, to a 7.3; Sony's Seinfeld,
up 11%, 7.2; King World's Everybody Loves Raymond, up 10%, 6.7, Warner Bros.'Will & Grace, up 10%, 4.4, Carsey-Werner's That '70s Show, up 16%, 3.7; and Buena Vista's Home Improvement, up 6 %, 3.5. Access entertainment magazines also jumped, with Paramount's Entertainment Tonight
scoring its highest rating in 30 weeks and rising 9%, to a 6.1. Warner Bros.' Extra
rose 12%, to a season-high 2.9. NBC Enterprises' Access Hollywood jumped 13% to a 2.7.

Oprah's Big Week

King World's talk leader, The Oprah Winfrey Show, increased its year-to-year performance in the week ended Nov. 3 by 4%, hitting a 5.9 national rating, according to Nielsen. It was the show's first increase since its season premiere. Universal's Maury
saw a 3% increase over the comparable week last year and a 12% year-to-year jump in the previous week.

Trekking With Trebek

Answer: Alex Trebek. Question: Who just went on a safari to Kenya and Tanzania?

On the Nov. 21 edition of King World's Jeopardy
during the College Championships, contestants will see plenty of footage from those African nations used as visual clues, and it's no coincidence that Trebek, his wife and two kids spent much of August on safari there. "There's no education like travel," says Trebek in a press release, and to prove it, there will be five clues filmed during the trip and a promotional clip from safari organizers.