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ily Dose of Fear

Syndication is awaiting the results of the Sept. 20 launch of Fear Factor, the first reality show to be stripped on
broadcast stations. NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution has cleared
the show in more than 98% of the U.S., including all Fox owned-and-operated
stations. The show has already debuted to strong numbers on cable's FX.
Fear Factor will be double- run on nearly
50% of all stations syndicating the show. Fear
just started its fifth season on NBC.

Poor Premiere Showings

Three off-net shows premiered in syndication last week: Twentieth's
Malcolm in the Middle, Paramount's
Girlfriends and Twentieth's
Yes Dear. None had a particularly strong
launch. Malcolmaveraged a 2.2 rating/4
share, down 24% from its year-ago time period (2.9/6) and 12% from average
lead-in 2.5/5. Girlfriends was a 1.3/3, off
13% from its time-period average 1.5/3 and 7% from its lead-in (1.4/3).
Yes, Dearaveraged a 0.7/2, 46% below its
time-period average of 1.3/4 and 22% below its lead-in (0.9/2).

Victor, Faulhaber Go Home

Marc Victor and Paul Faulhaber have joined NBC Universal's new
syndicated strip, Home Delivery, as
co-executive producers. Victor and Faulhaber, like executive producer Amy
Rosenblum, also are co-executive producers on NBC Universal's
Maury. While all three work together on both
shows, Victor has day-to-day oversight of Home
, while Faulhaber is overseeing Maury. "Nothing goes out without all three of us
seeing it or knowing about it," says Rosenblum, who insisted her two top
lieutenants work with her on Home

Home Deliverylaunched last week
with a 1.1 rating/4 share, down 31% from its time-period average (1.6/5) and
21% from its lead-in (1.4/5).

Faulhaber has been with Maury since
September 1998; Victor started at the show in 1999.