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Ratings for King World's Jeopardy!
finally dropped to earth in the week ended July 25, despite super-contestant Ken Jennings' continued winning streak.

Week-to-week, Jeopardy!
slipped 6% from a 10.2 to a 9.6, after rising for the five prior weeks. Still, Jennings played his 38th consecutive game and extended his winnings to $1,321,660, making the Utah software engineer the biggest winner in Jeopardy!

Even with the drop-off, Jeopardy!
easily topped all syndicated shows for the fourth consecutive week, including a tie with King World's Wheel of Fortune
in the week ended July 4. Compared with last year at this time, Jeopardy!
is up 60%. Wheel of Fortune, usually the syndication leader, continued to run second, dipping 1% to an 8.5.

See Jane

NBC Universal's The Jane Pauley Show
will air in daytime this fall in New York and Los Angeles. The scheduling move answers whether Pauley
would bump Warner Bros.' Ellen
in Los Angeles and Paramount's Judge Judy
and Judge Joe Brown
in New York. NBC syndication executives hinted last year that Pauley
would force the other shows to daytime in the top two markets, with Pauley
in their spots in early fringe. Instead, The Jane Pauley Show
will follow Ellen
at 11 a.m. on WNBC New York and The Today Show
at 10 a.m. on KNBC Los Angeles. The Jane Pauley Show
is sold in 202 markets, representing more than 99% of the U.S. It premieres Aug. 30. Pauley is cleared in early fringe on more than 140 stations.

Brooks Promotes Phil

Recording artist Meredith Brooks, famous for her 1997 single "Bitch," is helping Dr. Phil
McGraw promote his third season. Although "Bitch" might be an appropriate theme song for the Dr. Phil
show, Brooks croons her song "Shine," from a soon-to-be-released CD of the same title, in the promos. Spots were created by Paramount and ad agency Colby & Partners of Santa Monica, Calif. Stations will receive 30- and 60-second spots in August. Season three premieres Sept. 13. Brooks will perform on the show in early fall.