Syndication Leads Ad Increases


Total U.S. ad spending was up 8.3% in the first three quarters of 2004 over the same period in 2003, with broadcast and cable TV driving those increases. That's according to Nielsen Media Research.

Syndicated TV was up the most, a whopping 20.8%, followed by network TV, up 16%, and cable TV, up 13.1%. Of the 14 categories, spot TV was back in the pack at a 3.4% increase, tied for the ninth spot with network radio. The only category to decrease was spot radio, down 2%.

Broadcast and Cable ad spending increases were driven by Olympics and political spending.

In the growing world of product placement, American Idol (Fox) reigned with 3,065 so-called "occurrences"--think Cokes perched on desks. That was followed by King of Queens (CBS), 2,590; The Apprentice (NBC), 2,549; Eve (UPN), 1,726; Jamie Kennedy Experiment (1,577), Grounded For Life (WB), 1,506; Fear Factor (NBC), 1,446; Pepsi Smash (WB), 1,338; Big Brother 5 (CBS), 1,333; and Still Standing (CBS), 1,324.

That makes a grand total of 18,454 plugs.

The top pluggers in order were Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike, Netzero, Boston Red Sox, Golden Nugget Hotel-Casino, Ford, Moosehead Beer, Chicago Bears, and AT&T Wireless.