Syndicated Weeklies Are Strong


In the first full week following the May sweeps, first-run weekly hours bucked the usual downtrend for reruns and preemptions, with five of the six posting huge gains during the holiday week ended June 5.

According to Nielsen national syndication rankings, Paramount’s Entertainment Tonight Weekend jumped 13% from the prior week to a 3.4 rating.

Among other first-run weekly offerings, NBC Universal’s Access Hollywood Weekend was up 7% to a 1.6 rating and Warner Bros.’ Extra Weekend climbed 15% to a 1.5.

The once mighty weekly action hours ain’t what they used to be; still, two of the three still had something to smile about.

Tribune’s Andromeda jumped 33% to a 1.6, while. MGM’s Stargate SG1 dropped 6% for the week to a new season low of 1.5. Tribune’s Mutant X jumped 27% to a 1.4.

While the first-run weeklies were way up compared to a year ago, when they were interrupted by coverage of President ronald Reagan’s death, the only action hour to show year-to-year improvement was Andromeda (up 7%).

Of the strips, King World’s Jeopardy (6.5) was down 20% from Ken Jennings' appearance a week earlier, but improved 7% over the previous year.

King World’s Oprah Winfrey (6.6) and Dr. Phil (4.9) suffered in week-to-week comparisons, but showed strength year-to-year, with Oprah up 6% and Dr. Phil up 2%.