Swindle Exiting FTC


Federal Trade Commission Commissioner Orson Swindle is resigning.

Swindle, a former Reagan administration official, decorated Marine pilot, and prisoner of war in Vietnam, had served on the commisison since appointed by President Clinton in 1997.

Swindle said he would leave by June 30, or earlier if a replacement can be found before that.

"Working on behalf of American consumers and businesses to protect and promote a competitive and fair marketplace is a worthy cause. Through the diligent enforcement of antitrust and consumer protection laws, the FTC makes a difference in the daily lives of all Americans," said Swindle in officially announcing his departure."

Swindle has been openly critical of calls for restrictions on food ads.

While agreeing that the obesity epidemic is a serious problem, Swindle has said there are serious First Amendment issues with ad bans and that diet decisions are best worked out between parents and children without a government middleman.