Swap Tries Stealth Pilot


Delighted by Wife Swap’s performance so far in its debut season, ABC is prepping two special episodes. The first, airing Dec. 1, is a self-explanatory one-off: Wife Swap: The Husband Edition.

But the other, yet-to-be-scheduled variation, Boss Swap, will function as a back-door pilot that may become a standalone show, according to the network and British creator and executive producer Stephen Lambert.

It’s not exactly a big gamble: Lambert has already scored in the U.K. ratings with a boss-swapping spinoff of Wife Swap, even though the idea of trading bosses is decidedly free of the naughty, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice connotations of the original.

Then again, Wife Swap turned out to be an intriguing look at family-culture clashes, not marital mischief.