Survivor II book peddled online


Survivor series executive producer Mark Burnett has penned a guide to Survivor II, being peddled by an online bookseller.

Survivor II: The Field Guide, profiling the 16 survivor wannabes competing in the second series and the Australian outback they try to survive, goes on sale Super Bowl Sunday at for $14.95. The CBS reality series kicks off after the big game. Intended to hype interest in son of Survivor - and provide an additional revenue bump - the book is billed as an inside look at the series and comes with a handy 14-episode companion chart.

It's a sort of sequel to a similar volume Burnett did on the first Survivor series.

Burnett is reportedly ready to start receiving applications for Survivor III in early February. Burnett neither denied or confirmed speculation at NATPE last week that the next Survivor installment will be set somewhere on the African continent. He did confirm that he plans to proceed on his outer space reality project, originally entitled Destination Mir, with or without the Mir space station. If the Russians permit Mir to reenter earth's atmosphere, Burnett intends to strike a deal to send an astronaut trainee from the series to the International Space Station. Burnett struck a $40 milliion development deal with NBC on the space series last year.
- Richard Tedesco