Survey: Short Form, Multiplatform Content Will Drive Growth

Accenture Poll of Media Executives Says Online, Mobile Content Will Drive Revenue Growth.

Almost two thirds of media executives (63%) polled by Accenture say that the biggest driver of revenue growth over the next five years will be putting content on multiple screens, with short-form content picked as the biggest growth area.

 That is according to the consulting firm's annual survey of more than 100 media executives.

 In good news for ad-supported networks, about the same percentage (62%) say that advertising will remain the top business model for the media, with only 25% saying it would be subscription services and far fewer--only 11%--saying it will be pay-per-play.

 The executives also say the advertising driving the media is going to be digital. Over half (52%) said that digital ads will replace traditional advertising within five years. No surprisingly, then, 68% of the executives said that social media was a high-growth area, with 56% saying they were already involved with social media "in some capacity."

 While the future of TV is online and mobile as well as traditional screens, mobile has a ways to go, they said. A little more than half of the executives (55%) said that mobile would become a mass market within three years, but 45% said it would take longer. Half said consumers weren't ready yet, while 37% also cited unreadiness by content owners and networks.

 The survey, in person and on the phone, was of senior executives in TV, videogames, film, music, radio, publishing, interactive and advertising in United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Brazil.