Survey: Nearly Half of U.S. Households Have DTV


More than 45% of U.S. TV households subscribe to digital-TV services,
according to a new survey commissioned by satellite-TV company DirecTV Inc. and
performed by the Chicago-based Angell Research Group.

The survey also found that 37% of people said they could go only one or two
days without watching TV, 36% of people turn on their TV within 15 minutes
of getting home and 68% of people watch TV with others.

One-quarter of viewers said they most frequently watch news shows, while 7%
admit they watch TV for 11 hours at a time or longer and 1% said they watch TV
while undressed.

It was unclear how many viewers would admit to watching 11 hours of news in a row
while naked.

Angell surveyed 1,000 adults over 21 in June to learn about their TV-viewing
habits and compiled that information into a new report, entitled "How We Watch