Survey: Country Nervous Over Trump's Controversies

News cycle is bumpy ride for many respondents to poll
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A Morning Consult/Politico poll finds that the morning news cycle has a majority of respondents feeling nervous about the future in the wake of the reports of various controversies surrounding the current Administration, though that is driven by Democrats strongly favoring that view.

The poll found that a slight majority (55%, with a plus-or-minus two percentage point margin of error) say they feel nervous about the future. But that number is 83% for Democrats, compared to only 27% of Republicans. 

On the angst meter, 62% of Democrats said they "experience anxiety" because of the President's controversies, while only 19% of Republicans say that is the case. 

Respondents were split over whether the media were treating Trump fairly, with 43% saying yes and 42% saying no. But in terms of the political breakdown, that was like saying the average of one leg in the fire and the other in a bucket of ice was a pleasant temperature. Three quarters (75%) of Democrats said the media was being fair, while three quarters of Republicans (76%) said they weren't. 

Independents were split, with 37% saying the media were treating Trump fairly but 40% saying they were not.