Supreme Court May Take In Hillary: The Movie High Court Asked for Briefs in Citizen's United's Challenge of Federal Election Commission Decision

There was no word yet on whether the Supreme Court was going to hear the appeal of the Federal Communications Commission vs. Fox profanity case, but according to court watcher (, the court asked for new briefs in another broadcast-related appeal.

According to the blog, which is run by Akin Gump's Supreme Court practice, the court asked for new briefs in Citizen's United's challenge of a Federal Election Commission decision that disclosure requirements apply to the group’s broadcast promos for its Hillary: The Movie film, which is sharply critical of the Democratic presidential candidate and which it is distributing in theaters, on video-on-demand and on DVD in the presidential primary states.

Citizen's United is a veteran Bush-backing, Clinton-bashing group that petitioned the court after a three-judge district-court panel in January refused to grant an injunction against campaign-finance-law requirements that it must put disclaimers on the ads and disclose their funding.

The group is challenging campaign-finance-reform laws that put disclosure and disclaimer requirements on so-called electioneering communications.