Super Bowl Ads Top 'Most Liked' and 'Most Memorable'

Volkswagen's Little Darth Vader ad topped the likeability list

Super Bowl ads top the list of "most liked" ads for the first
quarter of 2011, according to a Nielsen analysis, but a few others managed to join
the list, said Nielsen

Although Volkswagen's Little Darth Vader ad, which aired
during the Super Bowl, was number one in terms of the "most liked" ads, six of
the ten ads were not aired during the football game, including a 30-second
commercial from M&M, which placed third.

The most memorable ads, in comparison, had the Super Bowl
ads in the majority. Commercials with the highest score for brand recall were the
Super Bowl ads, which made up seven of the ten. The ads with the highest brand
recall were more than twice as memorable as other commercials during the

Two Super Bowl ads made both lists - a Doritoes spot
featuring a man licking crumbs off his co-worker's fingers (where it ranked #2
in "most liked" and #3 in "most recalled") and an NFL montage (#5 and #7,