Sununu Seeks To Block FCC Tech Mandates

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Republican Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee. says he is working on a bill that would block the FCC from imposing "technology mandates" on the communications industry.

The technology mandate of particular interest to the Senator is the broadcast flag, which the FCC imposed but was unimposed by the courts, which said it had exceeded its authority because the technology was post-transmission.

The bill, which stems from an amendment on a Senate telecom bill that died in the last Congress, "would prevent the FCC from requiring or imposing a specific technology, technological standard, solution, or product on industry."

“The FCC seems to be under the belief that it should occasionally impose technology mandates," said Sununu in announcing the bill, a belief he called "misguided." Sununu said his legislation "will ensure that decisions about the design and development of products and services to meet FCC rules are made by technology experts, not government regulators.”