Sundance Channel Green-Lights Eco-Series

Eight-part Eco-Trip: The Real Cost of Living from NBC's Peacock Productions to debut in 2009.

Sundance Channel is moving forward with a new series, Eco-Trip: The Real Cost of Living.

The eight-part series, from NBC’s Peacock Productions, will be hosted by environmentalist David de Rothschild, founder of Adventure Ecology.

Eco-Trip traces the life of an everyday object from its production to disposal, such as plastic bottles, T-shirts, salmon and cell phones, revealing the social, environmental and health impacts along the way.

The pickup comes as a result of the success of the channel’s “The Green” programming block of environmentally themed programming.

“David has a wonderfully engaging and inquisitive personality that will charm Sundance Channel viewers as they travel with him to learn about the impact that the production of everyday objects has on our health and on our planet,” Sundance Channel executive vice president and general manager Laura Michalchyshyn said in announcing the pickup. “And once again we are delighted to be working with the team at Peacock Productions."

The half-hour series will premiere on Sundance in 2009.