Study: TV Web Sites Grow; Viewers Still Like Sets

Nielsen conducts study for Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing.
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More people than ever are watching streaming episodes of their favorite TV shows online. However, 94% of cable or satellite subscribers said they still prefer watching them on the tube.

That was the result of a study conducted by Nielsen for the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing.

Of those viewers, owners of HDTV sets were far more likely to watch programs on their HDTV sets than via a comparable service online.

A total of 35% of adult broadband users surveyed said they have watched a TV show on the Internet. Of those who watch shows online, 82% said they were trying to catch up on an episode they missed on TV and 87% said they watch television programs directly from a network Web site.

“With so many viewing options now available via digital technology, it’s more important than ever to understand how people are consuming media,” Nielsen executive vice president Susan Whiting said in announcing the findings. “This analysis shows a continuing strong appetite for watching television the traditional way even as viewers begin to extend their viewing to the personal computer.”