Study: TV Usage At All-Time High

Nielsen study shows highest amount of usage since stats began being kept in the 1950's.

TV set usage was at an all-time high in third-quarter 2008, according to Nielsen's latest study. A TV set was on in the average home for 8 hours and 18 minutes per day, the highest number since Nielsen has been keeping stats (since the 1950's), according to the company.

Individual viewership was up as well, with the average person watching 142 hours and 29 minutes of TV a month, up more than five hours from 136 hours and 54 minutes in the third quarter of 2007.

Time-shifted viewing accounted for 6 hours and 32 minutes in third-quarter 2008, up more than 50% from the average 4 hours and 17 minutes in the 3Q 2007. Nielsen said that 27% of homes now have DVR's.

While Nielsen's "Three Screen" report found that Internet and mobile devices increased as well, TV remains the dominant screen choice by a wide margin. Time spent using the Internet was about 27 hours a month, and only 2.5 hours a month watching Internet video. Mobile phone subscribers spent 3 hours and 37 minutes watching video, up from 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The TV and Internet data was based on national, metered, panels measured regularly. The mobile figures are according to a quarterly survey.