Study Says VOD Use on Rise


A new study of video on demand services finds that over half (54%) of digital cable subscribers use VOD, up from 41% in 2005, though most are not heavy users.

That's according to a mail/online survey of about 35,000 subs by San Diego-based market research firm, Claritas, a division of Nielsen parent VNU.

Of the 53% of respondents who order their movies on demand, only a little more than 10% are regular users--at least once a week-with another 30% getting a movie once a month, though a third say they never rent from video stores.

Time shifting is growing among digital cable subs, according to the survey, with 24% saying they have a DVR subscription, up from 18% in 2005.

The study also found that only 18% of Internet households had ever watched a TV show on the internet with only 14% saying they had downloaded or paid for a movie or a TV show on the internet.