Study: Netflix Has Lowest Churn Rate Among OTT Services

20% of U.S. broadband homes cancelled an OTT service in last 12 months
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When it comes to acquiring subscribers and keeping them, Netflix has found the right recipe. 

Netflix is by far the largest subscription OTT video service provider, with 52% of all U.S. broadband homes taking it by the end of last year, but it also enjoys the lowest churn rate as a percentage of its total sub base, Parks Research found in a new study focused on the over-the-top video sector.

In the past 12 months, just 5% of U.S. broadband homes cancelled their Netflix account (up from 4% in the firm’s Q2 2015 study), including those that left after the end of a trial period, Parks Research said, noting that the figure represents 9% of the provider’s current sub base.

The study also found that 5% of U.S. broadband homes also unsubscribed from Amazon Prime in 2015, representing 19% of those who claimed to have churned off the offering.

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