Study Demonstrates Bill of Wrongs


Maybe they should call it the "Homer of Rights."

A new survey finds that twice as many Americans can name at least two Simpsons characters(52%) as can name the same number of freedoms granted in the First Amendment (22%)--religion, speech, press, assembly, and redress of grievances.

The survey dug deeper, finding that while one in five respondents could name all five of the Simpsons family members, only one in 1,000 could name all five freedoms.

Only one in 10 remembered that freedom of the press was one of the freedoms, though some people assume freedom of speech covers that (69% mentioned that freedom).

The study was conducted by the new McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum, which opens April 11, billing itself as the first museum dedicated to "freedom and the First Amendment."

Fox seemed to have the First Amendment's number.

Its American Idol also crushed that fundamental freedom as easily as it does whatever the opposition throws against it on the tube. More than four in 10 could name at least two of the three judges on the show.

Some other findings in the random telephone survey of 1,000 American adults (margin of error plus orminus 3%):

More than half said the right to a jury trial was guaranteed by the First Amendment (it's the seventh).

One in five believed the First Amendment guranteed the right to drive a car.