Studios tap Ramo to head Movielink


The CEO search for Movielink -- the video-on-demand-distribution company
formed between Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures
Entertainment, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. -- ended Tuesday when Jim Ramo
was named to the post.

The company also officially changed its name to Movielink from Moviefly.

Ramo, who will be headquartered in Los Angeles, was most recently consulting
at Shelter Ventures LLC.

From 1997 through 2000, he was chief operating officer of TVN Entertainment
Corp. and CEO of datacasting company Geocast Network Systems Inc.

Prior to that, he spent seven years as a primary founder and executive vice
president of DirecTV Inc.

And from 1985 through 1990, he was vice president of Hughes Communications

Movielink will use an Internet-protocol-based system for content delivery to
broadband users.

The studios involved will provide movies to the service on a nonexclusive
basis and each will determine its own pricing and release-window