Strong week for syndie shows


Nielsen Media Research's national syndicated ratings are out for the week
ending Jan. 20, which proved to be an up week for veterans and newcomers alike.

Five strips hit new season highs (and none recorded season lows):

Wheel of
, the top game show, was up 2
percent to a 10.2.

Jeopardy!, No. 2 on the game hit parade, was up 4
percent to an 8.7.

Seinfeld was up 6 percent to a 7.2, which put it second behind the week's
top off-net sitcom, Friends,
with a 7.6.

Judge Judy, the top court show, was up 2 percent to a 6.3, and rookie
off-net sitcom King of the Hill rose
3 percent to a 3.5.

Entertainment Tonight (6.6) was the top magazine show, and its weekend
incarnation was the top weekly first-run hour with a 4.0. Second among the mag
strips was Inside Edition at

The Oprah Winfrey Show (6.1) was the top talker, followed by Maury with a 3.2.

ER (3.2) was the top off-net hour.

For the second week in a row, Crossing Over with John Edward and
Texas Justice
(each with a 2.1) tied for top new first-run strip.

Both were up 5 percent from the 2.0 each averaged the week ending Jan.

The daytime syndicated version of The Weakest Link was even at a 1.8, the same as its
debut rating the week before.