Strong Demand for Set-Top Coupons

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Requests for digital-to-analog TV converter-box coupons continued to pour in at the National Telecommunications & Information Administration last week, with one estimate of as many as 60,000 orders per hour at one point.

At last count (on Friday), the total was 950,000 requests for more than 1.8 million coupons. Almost three-quarters of those requests were via the Internet (633,000), with almost all of the rest via phone. The NTIA plans to unveil the coupons—plastic gift-cards with a holographic image and magnetic strip—at the CES Show.


Eshoo: Allow Reapplication for Coupons

Rep. Anna Eshoo discusses DTV-to-analog converter-box-subsidy coupons, retransmission-consent quiet period, ad tracking, Google-Yahoo, network neutrality, 'President' Obama’s telecommunications policy.

Baker Rules Out Reissuing Coupons

National Telecommunications and Information Administration acting head: NTIA does not have inclination or authority to reissue DTV-to-analog converter-box-subsidy coupons.