‘Strike Team' Poised to Save L.A. Broadcast Towers From Blaze

Some over the air viewers "should experience disruption"

Protecting the two dozen TV and radio broadcast towers atop burning Mount Wilson was "a top priority" as the wildfires raged last night, reports the Los Angeles Times. The so-called Station fire has burned over 42,000 acres in Los Angeles County and caused the death of two firefighters in an auto crash yesterday. Some 2,800 firefighters are engaged in the battle.

The Times reports this morning that the top of Mount Wilson, the 5,700-foot high home to the broadcast facilities and a famous astronomy observatory, remains "highly vulnerable" to the raging blaze. A "strike team" comprised of five engine crews was posted overnight close to the communications towers.

Towers belonging to KABC and KCBS are said to be the most vulnerable. ABC O&O KABC warns over the air viewers on its Website that they might experience disruption. "ABC7's transmitter on Mount Wilson is being threatened by the Station Fire burning in the Angeles National Forest," reads the site. "If you receive ABC7 by cable or satellite, you should experience no disruption. If you receive ABC7 by off air antenna, you could lose our ABC7 signal."

The local weather calls for hot and dry conditions at least through tomorrow.