Writers Guild of America to Continue Picketing Next Week
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In the first sign of optimism since the writers' strike began Nov. 5, the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers mutually agreed to resume formal talks Monday, Nov. 26.

The WGA will, however, continue to picket next week.

That is of interest because when talks broke down the night before the strike began, it was because the AMPTP did not want to continue talks once the WGA East went on strike at midnight Eastern time.

Whatever the case, the announcement will come as a pleasant pre-Thanksgiving surprise for what had become an entirely pessimistic television industry.

Most industry insiders on both sides did not see a return to the tables until at least the New Year.

And that opinion was especially frustrating for those who knew how close the sides were to cutting a deal on the night before the strike began.

Representatives from both the WGA and AMPTP have said that they thought a new deal could have been reached within a matter of hours had talks not broken down the night of Nov. 4.

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The sides said no other details or press statements will be issued.