STRIKE COVERAGE: The Sticking Points

The Writers Guild of America Has 26 Issues It Wants Addressed

The Writers Guild of America has 26 issues it wants addressed. Here are the big ones:

• Internet residuals: Writers currently earn 1.2% on Internet residuals. The WGA wants an increase to 2.5% of receipts.

• New media: The WGA wants residual payments for new-media product like Webisodes and mobisodes.

• Streaming video: The WGA wants residuals on streaming video -- network-produced shows that are streamed on Web sites. Producers argued that free online episodes are not ad-supported (although they run with limited, unskippable commercials in most cases) and therefore fall into the "promotional-use" category, exempting them from residual payouts.

• Home-video and DVD residuals: The WGA wants to double the current base rate for payouts from 20% to 40%.

• Reality TV: After loudly advocating for WGA jurisdiction over reality TV for the past two years, the WGA appears ready to concede on this issue. Last year, the WGA convinced "writers" to walk. They were let go and the show was subsequently organized by IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees).

The CW: The WGA wants network minimums for work appearing on The CW.

• Contract length: The WGA wants a three-year contract to coincide with the expiration of the Directors Guild of America contract.

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