STRIKE COVERAGE: International Writers to Demonstrate

International Affilation of Writers Guilds to Hold International Day of Solidarity

Irish playrights and scribes from Australia, Great Britain and other international venues will demonstrate in support of the striking TV and movie writers Nov. 28, according to the Writers Guild of America.

Dubbing it an International Day of Solidarity, The International Affilation of Writers Guilds will hold demonstrations in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, English and French Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and France, according to the WGA.

In its resolution of support, the international writers said new media is the future of their business and dubbed the studios "giant multinational media conglomerates."

Closer to home, the WGA said Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards will join the picket line outside NBC Entertainment in Burbank, Calif., Friday morning.

The strike against producers for what writers say is their fair share of new-media revenues is finishing up its second week, with no end in sight.

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