Stop Big Media Arms for FCC’s Chicago Media-Ownership Hearing

Coalition Sponsors Area Workshops to Help Citizens Prepare Testimony

The Federal Communications Commission can expect to get an earful on consolidation from anti-consolidation activists when it convenes its media-ownership hearing in Chicago Thursday.

The Stop Big Media Coalition -- which includes Free Press, the NAACP, unions, consumer groups, the ACLU, and others -- has been sponsoring a series of workshops in the Chicago area over the past few days to help citizens prepare testimony.

It will also provide free buses to take them to the hearing.

The FCC is holding the hearing at the headquarters of the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Operation PUSH. Jackson, who is expected to be at the hearing, has called media consolidation a civil-rights issue.

The FCC will have two hours of open mike for comment after a couple of panels to hear primarily from broadcasters and academics.

the Future of Music Coalition is co-sponsoring a Rock the Media music event in Chicago Wednesday night, with proceeds to help support those dissenting voices preparing for the FCC meeting.