Still No Deal for SAG, AMPTP

AMPTP calls for SAG to put offer to membership vote.

The Screen Actors Guild Thursday did not accept what the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers claimed was its “final offer.”

In response, the AMPTP called for SAG to put the offer to a membership vote.

“Today's meeting demonstrated that SAG's Membership First contingent unreasonably expects to obtain more in these negotiations than directors, writers and other actors obtained during their negotiations,” the AMPTP said in a statement.

SAG issued just a brief statement that simply read, "Screen Actors Guild negotiating committee members presented the AMPTP with their response to the producers’ proposal made June 30. SAG committee members will meet Friday to discuss the AMPTP’s response. We will provide further guidance following that meeting."

The SAG rejection of the AMPTP offer comes on the heels of the ratification by the America Federation of Television and Radio Artists of its recent deal with the AMPTP.