Stewart Starts Testing Syndie Show


Martha Stewart started test tapings of her new syndicated show last week in preparation for its live debut Sept. 12. B&C was there to bear witness to the spectacle that is—or will soon be—Martha.

After downing complimentary pecan-dusted sticky buns and washing them down with bottles of vitamin water, the audience had to wait 30 minutes for the taping to start.

It was a forgiving (if handpicked) lot: A group of employees from Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine, Stewart fans from a local gardening club, and some Stewart confidantes (including daughter and The Apprentice: Martha Stewart co-star Alexis Stewart), in addition to standby ticket holders.

The set was certainly impressive. It included a craft corner, a greenhouse, and a full-scale kitchen with chefs in turquoise coats who toiled away throughout the show.

As with any TV-show taping, it was full of stops and starts, including an awkward one.

In the first segment, Stewart interviewed two little girls, their mother and their Iraq War veteran father about their “Good Thing,” a box for musical-instrument toys. Stewart’s capable bantering came to a halt when one child said her daddy had to go back to war. Martha tucked her hair behind her ear and changed the subject back to the toy box.

In a taped interview, grill king George Foreman showed Stewart how to make shrimp and pineapples on his “next-grilleration” of grills. Stewart at one point corrected Foreman on the difference between “marinating” and “macerating.”

Other segments included a performance by a 12-year-old violin prodigy and a lesson on making a hot-air balloon out of papier-mâché.