Stewart On Her Stand-Up, How-To Talker


Martha Stewart joked Wednesday that it took two days to convince her parole officer that Promax/BDA was a legitimate work obligation.

But she apparently succeeded, and was on hand to offer some details on her upcoming NBC reality show and daytime syndicated program to the crowd of promo pros gathered for their annual convention, though it was more about what the former wouldn’t be than what it would..

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart will not have a board room and Stewart will not poach Donald Trump’s “You’re fired.” She said she solicited suggestions for an alternative on her company’s Intranet. She revealed two, “You’re not a good thing” and “You’re a bad thing,” but said she won’t be using either, which is probably a good thing.

The show, Stewart said, “will get across that I am a business woman and also a creative person.”

Her syndicated program Martha will be filmed in front of a studio audience that Stewart says she will frequently interact.“Imagine “dog” day,” she said, when the audience would all bring in their dogs. “Or a 100-year-old garden club coming with their favorite house plants. That could be great TV.” We’ll have to take her word for it for now.

Celebrity guests, Stewart said, will talk and participate in projects. “It is not a sit-down show,” she explained. “It is a stand-up, how-to show.”