Stewart Concedes Perfection-Deficit


A tearful and newly free Martha Stewart met with employees in Manhattan Monday, saying she was glad to be back and, essentially: "Onward and upward."

Onward includes at least two TV shows from NBC Universal, a syndicated talk/lifestyle show and an NBC prime time Stewart version of The Apprentice.

Stewart cited the support she had gotten from all over the world during the five months she spent in prison for lying to federal investigators about a stock trade.

She said that her staff's hard work has sometimes left the impression that she can do it all, run a business, magazine, TV shows, and get all the ironing done. After pondering the point "long and hard," she said, she admitted publicly that she can't and doesn't.

Analysts have suggested that Stewart's boost in popularity comes from her handling of prison and how it has humanized and humbled her image.