Stevens Wants Telecom Input By July 4


Senate Commerce Commitee Co-Chairman Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) said Thursday that he wanted his colleagues to give him their drafts of a telecom bill or bills by the Fourth of July recess.

At a June 23 committee hearing, he said that he would then hold a "substantial" hearing on the telecom issues raised before he tries to mark up a bill updating the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

Stevens said that he hoped to have a bill for the full Senate before the August recess and no later than September.

"[I]f you have any suggestions you wish to have considered, I hope that you will give them to the staff so the staffs can try to at least get us a side-by-side version of the various views of Members on the specific issues that have been developed," said Stevens. "We’ve had already several portions of the industry itself give us their checklists of various items they wish us to consider."